School Nurse

Our School Nurse is available for students in a drop in session every Friday, 12.20pm – 2pm.

School Nursing leaflet information for people

For more information on this service, please see here

Norfolk Community Health and Care has recently launched a new way for young people to get advice and support about health related issues.  ChatHealth is an award-winning school nurse messaging service for young people aged 11-19 years, available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (automatic bounce-backs respond to incoming messages out of hours).   A secure “app” will be introduced later this year, enabling students to speak with a nurse by instant messages after logging-in with a username and password.  The aim is to further improve access to healthcare for young people and to continue improving the quality and safety of the service.  Young people have helped develop the promotional material which we are using to advertise the service in schools.
The text number for is 07480 635060.

Head lice – please use this link for advice about treating head lice.

Healthy Living and Relationships Days

Throughout the year, each year group takes part in a collapsed day that focuses on Healthy Living and Relationships.

These dates are as follows:

Year 7 – Tuesday 1st November 2016
Year 8 – Tuesday 28th February 2017
Year 9 – Tuesday 9th May 2017
Year 10 – Tuesday 28th March 2017
Year 11 – Tuesday 18th October 2016