1. You should have the correct equipment in all lessons.
2. Each piece of work should have a title and a date. These should be underlined with a ruler.
3. All handwriting should usually be in black pen. Always try to make your handwriting as neat as you can.
4. All diagrams, maps and music should usually be in pencil.
5. Correct mistakes by a single line drawn with a ruler. Never scribble out mistakes. Do not bring Correction Fluid into school. Teachers will provide it where necessary.
6. Use colouring pencils in your exercise books or folders. Felt tips may be useful for posters.
7. Ruling off after each piece of work can help you organise your work.
8. Start each piece of work under the last, unless told to start a new page.
9. Always use a ruler and pencil to draw tables.
10. When using file paper in a folder, use both sides. Numbering the pages may help you.

Checking Progress

Throughout your education you will need to acquire a wide variety of skills. These are designed to prepare you for further study and/or employment.

To obtain the greatest benefit from your studies, it will be necessary to step back from time to time and look at how well you are doing, what you have achieved so far and what could be improved with suitable help and support.

Careful use of time and organisation are essential to success. It is important to plan whenever you have something important to do e.g. revision of coursework. The more often you practise planning the better you will become at managing your time.

Writing Skills

To get at least a ‘C’ Grade I need to:
• Use paragraphs properly
• Use basic punctuation appropriately such as capital letters, commas, full stops, colons, semi colons, question and exclamation marks.
• Write clearly and neatly in black pen.
• Ensure that my sentences make sense.
• Proofread my work and check spellings.
• Know the audience and purpose of each task.
• Be able to give my opinion and back up an argument with quotations or evidence.
• Make connections between my wider reading and the texts studied in class.
• Be able to create and evaluate texts.