Download our Internet Safety Guidance to help keep your child safe online.

The school has an ICT Code of Conduct to ensure that ICT equipment is used in a spirit of safety and well being of yourself and others, and to help keep the computer systems in good working order.

It give examples of how members of the school should use equipment. Anyone who does not follow the spirit of the code will be given appropriate sanctions. The code applies at all times, in and out of school hours, whilst using school equipment.

We use a system called Securus to monitor the school’s ICT network for inappropriate language. It also alerts us if pupils use:

  • Bullying or threatening behaviour
  • Inappropriate internet sites
  • Computers for unacceptable personal use during lessons

It notifies us of potentially harmful situations, such as:

  • Signs of depression or suicide
  • Predator grooming
  • Sexual, racial or religious harassment
  • Drugs, pornography or gambling

Safer than using blocking software alone, Securus covers all of the school’s computer applications. It also alerts us when ‘proxy bypass’ sites have been used to bypass the schools internet blocking.

Securus helps us:

  • Protect students properly
  • Change unacceptable behaviour and enforce school policies
  • Teach pupils to stay safe, both online and offline

A version of Securus is available to allow parents to carry on this protection on the home computer system. Please contact the school for more information.

Download our Internet Safety Guide to help keep your child safe online.