We have high expectations. With a firm, fair and consistent approach we aim to tackle concerns wherever we see it. Students are given a chance to make the right choices about their behaviour and we aim to make that process a positive one.

Rewards and Consequences are visible to students, which gives them the opportunity to self-reflect and build on or alter any particular behaviour.

For more detailed information on positive rewards and consequences please see below. (This includes detention duration)



We want all students to receive the very best education and learning experience that they can. Please read our Behaviour Policy for more details.

The school will not accept bullying of any kind. If you, or someone you know, is being bullied, please tell someone you trust – a teacher, a parent, another adult.

When you report an example of bullying, we will:
Listen carefully and always take you seriously
Talk to the people involved
Work with you to help sort out the problem
Punish anyone found guilty of bullying

Parents/Carers: Please remember to contact the Student Support Leaders for this or any other matters of concern. Remember – bullying is wrong! You can email your concerns to
y7@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 7
y8@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 8
y9@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 9
y10@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 10
y11@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 11