We’ve worked hard to create a thriving school environment where each and every student is valued and supported to be the best that they can be.
Every student is placed in a form group when they join the school. Each form group has a tutor who will, as far as possible, stay with their form for the entire five years of high school.
Tutors support the students to help ensure they are happy to be in school and mix well with their peers, but also that they reach their academic potential and make good progress.

If you have any questions or concerns that are pastoral related you can email them to us.

y7@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 7.

y8@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 8.

y9@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 9.

y10@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 10.

y11@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk for Year 11.