Work Experience 2017

Work Experience will be from Monday 5th – Friday 16th June. All students have received a copy of the work experience booklet and the employer form so that they are aware of all the information they need.

 Below is some information which you may find useful.


  • Make sure you arrive on time
  • Listen and follow instructions
  • If you are unsure about anything ask for help
  • You will be treated like an employee and will be working the same hours
  • Show an interest in what goes on and ask lots of questions
  • Show initiative – ask for things to do and be prepared to do something new
  • Follow the health and safety regulations and work safely
  • Fill in your learning journal each day
  • Be enthusiastic and willing to learn
  • Take responsibility and use your initiative
  • Be polite and friendly and do your best
  • Remember you are a representative of your school
  • Go to learn and enjoy yourself

If you are sick and cannot go to work you need to:-

  • Ring your employer
  • Ring your school
  • Ring your employer and school on each day you can’t attend

If you have an appointment for the dentist or doctor whilst on placement you must:-

  • Explain to your supervisor as soon as possible and, at the latest, on the day before your appointment
  • Ring the school

If something goes wrong whilst you are on your placement, or you are unhappy about anything you should:-

  • Talk politely to your employer or supervisor
  • Ring the school if you are still unhappy

If your parents are concerned they must contact the school and NOT the employer

Work Experience booklet 2017

Work Experience Presentation 2017