Young Historians Society is run by Mrs Springall-Coleman. THIS CLUB IS NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING.
It is open to all students and takes place on Thursdays, 3.10-4.15pm in CS3.

Update..Thursday 24th September

We have been looking at two sides of WW1 and WW2: The role of the armed forces and the role of the citizens at home. The students wanted to make some original recipes that were popular because of rationing (less food stuffs available so improvisation with ingredients). There was a mixed reaction to the dishes produced but everyone tried the food and had fun preparing it, and the very stewed tea that was made to accompany the dishes.

Thursday 18th Dec

Our theme for YHS was ‘Medieval Life’ this half term and there have been archery and sling sessions so this time it was all about Medieval food.  Pat Coleman from NANMA (Norfolk and Norwich Medieval Association) gave a talk about what kinds of food peasants and nobles would have eaten, how it would have been cooked and why peasants and nobles ate different things. She pointed out that there were no potatoes in Medieval England (had to wait for Sir Walter Raleigh to bring it back for Elizabeth 1st in the sixteenth century) so bread was a very important staple food in everyone’s life. The students made their own butter using a replica butter churn and then ate it with Medieval bread, cheese and bacon (which would have been a special treat after the pig had been slaughtered). The students asked lots of questions about peasant life and everyone enjoyed the food.