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North Walsham High School Unveils New Student Leadership Team

The new student leadership team at North Walsham High School with head teacher Neil Powell

North Walsham High School has announced the appointment of its student leadership team for the next year – following a rigorous ‘job interview’ style selection process. The new head boy and head girl, their deputies and three lead senior prefects, will take a leading role in school affairs, as well as representing the school in… Read the full article

Year 10 Vote To Remain In The EU

20160620_094216 (1)

Year 10 took part in an EU Referendum event today in partnership with Paston College. Students had the opportunity to hear arguments for both Remain and Brexit from AS Politics students from Paston College. They then had the chance to ask questions and at the end, vote for which side they supported. The majority vote… Read the full article