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Message from the Principal

Within the next three years, North Walsham High School will be rated as an “outstanding” school with students achieving excellent GCSE results.
To ensure this claim is based in reality we are constantly improving our high quality teaching, our teachers are continually introducing exciting and innovative lessons, we are rigorously monitoring student data and in the rare instances where it is necessary applying a clear and consistent behaviour policy.
North Walsham High School is a place where young people can become whatever they wish to be – regardless of whether that is an engineer in the renewables industry, a lawyer, a sporting hero or a performing artist.
At North Walsham High School we work with our students and parents to personalise their learning experience to allow our young people to play a major role in their own futures. We will always aim to achieve this by giving our students a real say in their own future. I intend to place a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to ensure that our students are able to become an active part in the development of the new technologies available to them. However, I also want all of our students committed to traditional values, I want to see our students grow into well-rounded young people, active in sport, drama and art and supporting community activities. Our students will take their place in, North Walsham, Norfolk and beyond as leaders of their generation, people of integrity, commitment and compassion.
Our offer to students and parents is straightforward:

• Talk to us and let us create outstanding opportunities for you.
• Work with us to be part of a School that is really going places.
• Get to know us so we can help you be whatever you want to be.

And together we can continue to build a School that we remain so very proud of.

Neil Powell
North Walsham High School

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